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Your Health Issues Solved or I Work FREE

Over the years I’ve been in practice my clients have had huge success in overcoming their health issues. I’ve trained in many modalities. I have lots of tools in my
”toolbox” and I’m able to select the ones that will work best for you.

How many health practitioners do you know who are willing to offer you a guarantee?

I can’t guarantee to fix your issues. I do occasionally have a client where we have no success. What I can guarantee is that if we don’t achieve success, I’ll work for free. This means I’ll refund the consultation fees you’ve paid in the last three months.

There are a couple of conditions:

  • You must act on all my advice. For example: I may prescribe a supplement. You must take the recommended dose for the recommended time period.

  • You need to allow a reasonable time frame. For example: it’s unrealistic to expect perfect health in 2 weeks if you’ve had an issue for 10 years. The time needed is different from person to person. Many people experience significant changes in the first session! Then more changes in 2-4 weeks. Then major changes within 3 months. Some issues will take longer, some much less. I’ll let you know what to expect in our first appointment.