Free Laser Therapy Treatments in February 2018

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Yes, that's correct!  We really are offering free laser treatments for the remainder of February.

Why?  We have a new laser in the clinic on trial for the rest of this month.  It promises to be about 100 times more effective than our old laser, so we're offering free treatments for you (and us) to test it out.  These are full treatments and follow up treatments are also free during February.  The new laser is a HUGE investment and we want to treat as many people as possible while we have it on trial to assess whether it's worth the money.  Please tell all your friends :)

Call now on 4320 6666 to book your appointment.  There are only a limited amount of treatments available.  Appointments are filling rapidly.  Call now to book your treatment.

There are no special conditions or strings attached.  If you find the treatment is helpful, we really appreciate that you recommend our clinic to your friends, family, coworkers or anyone who may benefit from treatment.  That's it!

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If you know someone who may benefit from treatment, please let them know about this offer.
 Some examples of conditions that may benefit from this treatment are:  pain, arthritis, osteoarthritis, broken bones, ulcers, skin conditions, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, joint or ligament issues, tendinitis, bursitis, sports injuries, car accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck or shoulder issues, headache, migraine, tooth and jaw pain, people who need hip or knee replacements and more...

Typical treatment times are only about 4-8 minutes.

If you're not sure whether this treatment may be helpful, please call on 4320 6666 and ask for Peter.

Here's some information about laser therapy

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