Functional testing is different from the typical pathology tests mostly ordered by doctors.  

  • Pathology testing is usually looking for overt signs of disease and the treatment is usually targeted at symptoms.

  • Functional testing is checking to see how well your body is functioning and the treatment is targeted at the underlying causes of your symptoms.

"Poor function over a period of time will usually lead to disease."

For example, a typical liver pathology test will only provide a measure of liver damage by measuring released hepatic enzyme levels.

In contrast, the liver detoxification profile is a true functional test as it evaluates your ability to process certain substances. Specific measurements of liver function are obtained, guiding the design of effective and specific therapeutic strategies which can optimise liver function.

It's also important to note that results are often glossed over because they are "in the normal range".  In our opinion, there's a big difference between normal and optimal.  For example, it's often considered normal to be fatigued, but when your body is functioning at the optimal level you feel full of energy.


Below are some examples of the tests we may use to assess your treatment priorities.

Adrenal Stress Profile - Saliva

This is a saliva test that checks the levels of many of your hormones:  cortisol, DHEA, melatonin, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  This test is very useful in finding hidden stressors that can cause LOTS of different symptoms.  

See a sample test here


Intestinal Permeability Test - Urine

For this test you drink a small amount of two different sugars and then the amounts excreted in your urine are compared.  This test shows if you have a leaky gut (small holes in the gut that allow undigested food into the bloodstream).  It may also indicate that you are not absorbing nutrients in your food.

See a sample test here


Liver Detox Profile - Urine & Saliva

This test checks your liver's ability to break down and excrete toxic substances.

See a sample test here


Hair Mineral Analysis - Hair

This test checks for potential heavy metals in your body.  Common toxic metals found are aluminium, arsenic, lead, mercury, nickel and others.  If your body is carrying a significant load of heavy metals, it will be very difficult for most of your body to function effectively.

See a sample test here


MTHFR Gene Test - Saliva

This test checks for the presence (or not) of mutations in the MTHFR gene.  Approx. 50% of the population has at least one mutation, which may lead to fatigue, difficult detoxification, anxiety, depression and a host of other complaints.

See a sample test here


Comprehensive Gene Test - Saliva

This test checks for approx. 200 genes that affect many, many facets of your health.

Warning: large files - total 28Mb.

See a sample test here - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Stool test - Faeces

This is a comprehensive stool test for the assessment for digestive, absorption, metabolic, inflammation and tumour ulcer markers.

See a sample test here



One of the most comprehensive tests available!

See a sample test here

These are the more common tests we use.  If your situation requires, there are many other tests we may recommend.