Got pain?  We can help.

Laser Therapy is a fast, gentle and effective treatment for most pain conditions.  We have 6 different lasers to treat everything from

  • skin issues (ulcers, scars, eczema, dermatitis)

  • muscles and tendons (accidents, injuries, sprains/strains/tears)

  • nerves (sciatica, numbness, tingling)

  • bones (arthritis, cartilage issues, bone spurs).

I couldn’t believe it when you worked on my spine for just a few minutes and the pain in my arm just melted away! A little pain returned after a couple of days but now after only 3 treatments I’ve had 4 weeks pain free. Thank you so much.
— Sarah - Berkeley Vale

Endorsed by Nick Maxwell (Collingwood Football Club) and Glenn Maxwell (Victorian Cricketer) on Channel Ten.

Main Physiological Effects Of Laser Therapy

Increase Blood Circulation
Reduce Inflammation
Reduce Pain
Enhance Tissue Healing

The way Cold Laser Therapy Works

During each painless treatment, laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area.

The laser therapy session creates an optimal healing environment which reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

Cellular Effects

During Laser Therapy, infrared laser light interacts with tissues at the cellular level increasing metabolic activity within the cell. By improving the transport of nutrients across the cell membrane, the increased production of cellular energy (ATP) is stimulated. The cascade of beneficial effects that follows includes increased cellular function and tissue repair.

Here are just some of the issues Laser Therapy may help

Acute pain
A-C joint sprain
Ankle pain
Baker’s cyst
Bell’s palsy
Bicipital tendonitis
Brachial plexus injuries
Bulging discs
Car accident injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Chronic pain
Disc degeneration
Dupuytren’s contracture
Ear infection
Facet joint issues
Foot pain
Hand pain
Heel pain
Golfer’s elbow
Herniated discs
Hip pain
Hip replacement

Pain multiple shots 800 pix high.jpg

Iliotibial band syndrome
Jaw pain
Knee pain
Knee replacement
Ligament injuries
Lower pack pain
Meniscus injuries
Migraine, neuralgia
Neck pain
General pain
Plantar faciitis
Post exercise soreness
Rotator cuff strains and tears
Shoulder pain
Slipped discs
Sports injuries
Sprains and strains
Tennis elbow
Torn muscles and ligaments
TMJ disorders
Tooth pain
Trigeminal neuralgia
Trigger finger
Wrist pain

There are many other conditions that may benefit from Laser Therapy.  Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss your individual needs.

Therapy lasers are sometimes also called "Cold Laser" or "Low Level Laser".  Laser therapy has been used in Europe since the 1970s and was cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2005.  Laser Therapy is very common in Europe and USA.  Our lasers are approved by the Australian TGA.

Laser on knee 800 pix.jpg
I have arthritis in the hips. I had not had any pain killers or anti inflammatories for the few days prior to the treatment as I wanted to see the effect of the laser.

I had one treatment on the Thursday afternoon. Friday morning the pain was as bad as it had ever been and I succumbed to taking a mobic tablet, and the same on the Saturday as well.

Since then, I have not taken any medications nor felt the need to do so. The drugs should have well and truly worn off by now (11 days post treatment) and I can report that the pain has been quite good, and on a couple of days, almost non existent. My left hip is still a little tender when I lie on it in bed but I am no longer having that excrutiating pain nor limping when I first get out of bed or out of a chair. The pain that I now experience is a bit different - seems to come from the front of my left leg closer to the knee, so whatever you did, certainly changed things for the better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often will I need treatment?

Acute (short term) conditions may be treated daily, particularly if you have significant pain.  More chronic (long term) problems respond better when treatments are received 2 to 3 times a week, tapering to once a week or once every second week.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the nature of your issue.  For acute conditions 3 to 6 treatments may be sufficient.  Those of a more chronic nature may require 6 to 12 (or more) treatments.

When will I start to feel better?

You may feel improvement in your condition (usually pain reduction) after the very first treatment.  Some people will not feel improvement for a number of treatments.  This does not mean that the condition is not improving.  Each treatment is cumulative and sometimes results are not felt until you have had 3 or 4 sessions.

Can Laser Therapy be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment?

Yes.  Laser Therapy is often used with other forms of treatment, including Bowen therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, soft tissue mobilization, electrotherapy and even following surgery.  Other healing modalities are complementary and can be used with laser therapy to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Does it hurt?  What does a treatment feel like?

There is little or no sensation during treatment.  Most people feel a mild, soothing warmth or tingling.  Areas of pain or inflammation may be sensitive briefly before pain reduction. 

Neck Pain 800 pix.jpg

Are there any side effects or associated risks?

During more than twenty years of use by healthcare providers all over the world, very few side effects have ever been reported. Occasionally some old injuries or pain syndromes may feel aggravated for a few days, as the healing response is more active after treatment.  

How long does each treatment take?

The typical treatment is 4 to 8 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

Has the effectiveness of Laser Therapy been demonstrated scientifically?

Yes.  There are thousands of published studies demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of Laser Therapy.  Among these, there are more than one hundred rigorously controlled, scientific studies that document the effectiveness of laser for many clinical conditions.