Holistic Sciatica Treatment on the Central Coast

Naturopathy is an expansive and innovative discipline, and the team at Total Health Clinic Central Coast are strong believers in its ability to assist any patient, no matter their complaint. Sciatica, a painful and debilitating nervous condition, is one many sufferers ask us about seeking treatment for. Despite the difficult and slow-healing nature of this condition, there is still much to be gained by applying our favoured holistic and naturalistic approach.

Sciatica generally occurs as a result of a sudden injury or consistent heavy pressure, leading to the nerves in the lumbar or sacral spine becoming compressed. This results in loss of feeling down one side of the body below the point of compression, as well as partial paralysis. Sufferers also complain of intense pain and discomfort stemming from these compressed nerves, often so bad as to disrupt sleep and make daily activities difficult. 

Managing the pain of Sciatica the natural way

While Sciatica results from the physical displacement or damaging of the vertebra, it is a mistake to believe that only surgery can address the problem. Here conventional medicine is consistent with the recommendations of our naturopaths – over 90% of Sciatica patients make a recovery in less than six weeks, simply by continuing their daily pursuits. The question then becomes one of managing the pain and discomfort of the condition during this period of recovery.

Of the traditional remedies, acupuncture has been recommended since antiquity as a solution for the pain of Sciatica. Total Health Clinic offers the most advanced acupuncture Sciatica treatments on the Central Coast, including non-invasive laser acupuncture and moxibustion therapies.

Alternatively, any number of well-loved natural remedies can be used to address the pain and inflammation of Sciatica sufferers. Vitamin B12, Lipoic acid, Fish Oil, Tiger Balm and any similar natural pain relievers should provide relief. We also recommend ensuring a sufficient dietary intake of CoQ10, magnesium and B-group vitamins. Another potential pain reliever is actually water – recent studies have repeatedly drawn links between dehydration and a worsening of chronic pain, so as always a regular intake of clean water is vital to personal health. 

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