Compassionate and Holistic Anxiety & Depression Treatment on the Central Coast

Anxiety is a potentially devastating condition, with no fixed triggers. Instead, most sufferers are vulnerable to some combination of factors. When enough of these factors are present at once, a certain threshold is exceeded and the person experiences intense anxiety.  

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Nutrition as a tool for depression & anxiety treatment

Blood sugar imbalances, potentially brought on by eating too much sugar or flour, are one of the first underlying causes to address in naturopathy anxiety treatment. Sugars and flours are high glycemic foods, which cause your blood sugar to peak after you eat them. This is often followed by dangerous drop in blood sugar, called reactive hypoglycemia. In addition to heightened anxiety, sugar and flour also cause fatigue, weight gain, inflammation, and depression. People with high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, high levels of triglycerides, or weight issues may be suffering from metabolic syndrome and will especially benefit from avoiding foods with high glycemic content. Desserts and other foods with added sugars, soda and other sugar sweetened drinks, honey, and maple syrup should all be eliminated, and any grains should be whole grains specifically, and limited to once daily. 


Why our Central Coast clinic recommends natural depression treatment

While prescription drugs claim to offer relief from anxiety, there can also be significant side effects, such as drowsiness, fatigue, constipation, dizziness, low libido, incontinence, and other such negative effects. Prescription drugs also usually only treat one complaint. This means that if you have four different complaints, you will be taking 4 (or more) different prescription drugs to address them. Prescription drugs are also frequently recalled as significant side effects come to light. By contrast, the natural medicines we proscribe here typically have zero side effects. The dietary changes and natural treatments we favour often help resolve many complaints at the same time.

Bottom Line for the Natural Treatment of Anxiety

Natural anxiety treatment should begin with identifying and treating the underlying causes that can contribute to anxiety. Specifically, I recommend:

  • Get a blood test for food allergies – Easy and accurate, this can be extraordinarily helpful

  • Eat less sugar and flour – the effects of this simple dietary intervention can be dramatic for many people

  • Take fish oil, or another source of omega 3 oils

  • Test your neurotransmitters if the above items aren’t enough

  • Take natural medicines such as lavender oil, L-theanine, and GABA when you need something more